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How can an iOS application enable individual personalization at mass manufacturing scale? That's the power of technology.

Weaveup custom iOS application on iPad

The Technology

A powerful ruby on rails backend and API being consumed by a web interface and a native iOS application. All connected to an industrial strength digital printing facility. This allows customers to create custom patterns and designs, place orders, and receive samples all with their device, their fingers, and some creativity.

In the marketplace of professional interior designers, the ability to generate fabric samples with quick turnaround provides a competitive advantage to both the designer, and the manufacturer by increasing their odds of winning commercial textile design jobs.

Software and Tech Changing The Textile Industry

We took a process that typically happens in large computers inside of a manufacturing facility and replicated the same functionality in a mobile device that is carried by everyone. That speaks to the power of modern computing and processing on iPhones and iPads, and it is occurring across many industries and verticals as the mobile revolution continues. To make this a reality, we need to custom design and develop a powerful and robust system, yet one that was user and human centric for seemless operation.

In order to connect with our audience, designers, we wanted a strong visual design and a strong brand, and that's what we did. Modern UI design and powerful software development come together to create a future forward technology solution that will impact the Textile industry for years to come.

Designs uploaded by artists
Designs customized

Capabilities Used

User Experience Design, UI Design for web and mobile, Web Application Development, RESTful API development, Native iOS development

Industry Leading Tech - Algorithms, AI, and Predictive

WeaveUp provides a platform for anyone to create, print, and share their own fabric creations, reaching a major market of untapped customers.

Algorithms built into the site inform which designs are customized most frequently so that users can see what’s trending. Users can also search for designs matching specific criteria, purchase fabric by the yard, or apply it to products.

Weaveup custom mobile application on the iPhone
weaveup logo

Custom E-Commerce Development

The platform would not be complete without the development and deployment of a custom e-commerce platform, giving artists the ability to sell their designs to customers around the world.

A good library is searchable, sortable, and shareable. A great library is customizable. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in WeaveUp’s library, you can create it. You can add your own design or create a variation of an existing design. The web tool is connected to a rich website with a social community of users engaging with each other’s designs.

Image Processing and Data Visualization at its Best

Many competitors allow users to customize designs, but waiting for previews is a pain. Instantaneous feedback makes the frustrating problem of designing for print easier and even fun. Despite being more technically challenging, we built WeaveUp leveraging client side technology to eliminate load time and render instant previews.

To meet daily demand for fresh designs, we invited a community of artists to share their work. Often their designs will contain thousands of pixel colors. To make the experience seamless, we normalized their designs from thousands of pixel colors into a palette of 12 so that users could customize the designs with a color palette that would match their decor.

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