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The Challenge

Phononic came to us with plans to disrupt the refrigeration industry and solve a costly problem for physicians. Wasting huge amounts of medical materials and vaccines from temperature deviations is expensive. Not to mention the amount of overhead to hire personnel to physically check refrigeration units twice a day is cumbersome in itself. The medical device company’s big idea was to provide an online portal for their customers to monitor real-time data and alerts for their medical refrigeration units.

Effective vaccination storage can save an estimated $70 billion in future healthcare costs. The medical market has been asking for this level of connectivity and Phononic is able to meet this challenge.
Tony Atti, Phononic CEO

The Approach

State control regulations force physicians to manually check refrigeration units twice a day to ensure vaccines are at safe temperature levels. We solved for this challenge by creating a web app that reports real-time temperature and status of each unit. At the earliest sign of an issue, the web app sends an alert. It also provides remote monitoring with real-time data from anywhere in the world. The responsibility and overhead required to manage multiple units can effectively be delegated. Phononic’s smart medical refrigerator is transforming the way vaccines are monitored and maintained.

2015 Winner
‘Innovative Product’ award by the NC Tech Awards

How We Did It

Product Strategy, UX, Design, Web Development

Phononic fridge inside

Hardware Integration

Hardware Integration was a key challenge in creating Phononic’s smart refrigerator monitoring solution. We needed to enable integration with WiFi to provide temperature readings and had to develop quick response registration to ensure that there would be no support calls.

User Experience

In order to deliver on the value of a total monitoring system, we had to design a solution that was simple to learn, easy to use and quick to communicate any issues. Doctors monitor several units at once; different refrigerators for different vaccines at different temperatures. We created a dashboard to view all the units at once. This tool notifies the administrator that the vaccines are at a safe temperature or not and has 24/7 data access. We designed a pleasant interface and plenty of options to set alerts. Most importantly, we provided peace of mind for busy physicians.

Phononic application display

Data Dashboard

The dashboard came to life in Phononic’s responsive web application. The web portal serves as the data-monitoring hub for all refrigeration or freezer units. We integrated the design and branding elements to build out the key features for the portal. Those features included the login, registration screens and API. The app reports the real-time temperature and status of each unit and send alerts at the earliest sign of any issue.

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