Need it Now? Gopher It!

A mobile app that gives complete control to the user, whatever you need, whenever you need it, at the price you set.

Gopher Request iOS Mobile App

The Challenge

It started on a public golf course. One hot day. Two friends on the back nine. No caddie, no cart, and almost out of water and hungry. What if there was an app that would deliver what you needed when and where you needed it—even on the golf course? Surely someone nearby wouldn’t mind making a few extra dollars as a gopher.

The next day, Gopher was born. As we go about our daily lives, we need things quickly, often at inconvenient times. That's the Gopher mission: whatever you need, whenever you need it, gopher gets it. This presented a unique market opportunity for Gopher to serve as a mobile exchange of goods and services driven by the convenience and price set by one user and accepted by another.

We needed to build a faster, more efficient, and more intuitive service delivery platform than other service/delivery apps on the market.

As a first time tech entrepreneur, I really valued the time the team invested in getting me up-to-speed on the world of UX/design and development. It was eye-opening and so great to see our ideas come to life.
John Newbury, co-founder/COO, Gopher
Earn Money. Be a gopher!

The Approach

Through the lens of human-centered design, the user interface (UI) needed to be clean, intuitive, and user-friendly for iPhone users. This included both the person making a request as well as the person accepting the request.

Given the different user functions, we created two distinctive iOS apps: One for task-completing Gophers and the other for task-creating Requesters.​ ​Gopher Request enables users to quickly and easily request goods and services based on their own price and time preference. Gopher Go makes it easy to accept and complete tasks with instant cash payments.

Tailored location services, payment information settings, detailed Requester capabilities, and Gopher work settings were integrated in order to develop the most accessible user experience possible. To truly aid Gopher in differentiating themselves from the competition, we added Stripe integration so that Gophers can receive an instant payment after task completion.

Gopher gives complete control to the user, free from the limitations of pre-populated goods and services. Requests feel as simple as sending a text message.

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The Brand Design

He’s playful, curious, and welcoming: that’s the Gopher mascot. We designed Gopher to embody the unique mission of the company as well as the overall user-experience.

Smashing Boxes also created two custom logos to showcase the brand vision and overall creative direction. These elements appear throughout each interactive page on the mobile apps and across marketing platforms.

Gopher Mascot

How We Did It

iOS, UX/Design, UI, Heroku, Ruby, Rails, API, Stripe

Need it now? Gopher it!
Love this app! I've used it to have errands run for myself and also have been the gopher—both sides! Hands down great service. So glad to have found this app!
App User Review

At Your Service

As a community marketplace app, Gophers decide which requests they accept, at all times, without any obligation. Your choice. When you do complete a task, get paid instantly. That's why 1 in 4 Gopher Requesters also have the Gopher Go App.

Gopher Go. Complete task. Get paid.

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