Using Software to Harness the Power of Personal Referrals.

We designed and developed a custom Ruby on Rails backend application and API, and Native iOS app for our client EmployUS, to help them launch, gain early traction, and successfully fundraise.


The Challenge- Build the Uber for Recruiting

The idea was big from the start: reimagine recruiting by embracing the principles of the sharing economy. The social entrepreneurs behind EmployUs envisioned a tool that would help companies win the war for top talent by rewarding connectors with bonuses when their referrals get hired.

EmployUs: Disrupting the Job Recruiting Industry.
Employees collaborating

The Approach

With EmployUs, we reimagined recruiting by embracing the principles of the sharing economy. Rather than relying on recruiters to source talent, EmployUs is designed to tap real people to refer candidates from their personal networks. If the candidate is a good fit and gets hired, the company awards the referrer with a generous bonus.

1 in 6
Applicants referred through EmployUs get hired
More effective than traditional hiring boards
NC Idea grant award winner

How We Did It

Branding and Messaging, iOS App Development, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Web App Development, API Development and Integrations

Work Where You Belong - EmployUs


Inspired by the notion that human connection is everything, we shaped the brand using cheerful colors that trigger feelings of hope and optimism, bringing a sense of personality to what can often feel like a sterile and distant field. Through a friendly tone and bold but approachable typography, we’ve built earnest sensibility into the process of referring your friends to jobs.

EmployUs branding exploration
EmployUs branding

User Experience

Changing jobs is a highly personal, often emotional, decision. Treating a personal decision like a business transaction is where traditional recruiting has misstepped. Empathy would be required in spades—and we were up to the task. From the start, we considered how multiple user types—employers, connectors, and candidates—would experience the application. To do this, we honed in on the emotional drivers at play. Employers need to find qualified candidates quickly without breaking the bank, connectors want to help their friends while making some extra cash and candidates need to understand and trust the application within seconds. Across the board, our users would need it to be simple, accessible and credible.

EmployUs iOS application

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