By integrating NOAA buoy data, we created a real-time surf conditions app for iOS, Apple Watch & Android.

Surfers and sun

The Challenge

At the time, all of the surf condition reporting tools available to the surf community were cluttered and trying to provide too much information in one place. These websites and apps made it difficult for surfers to see the information they needed at a glance to find the best breaks near them, preventing them from maximizing time in the water. So, we set out to create a tool that made it easy for surfers to find a good wave.

Awesome app. The app is very easy to use and accurate as well! I love clicking on it and seeing the tide display they offer on the watch.
App User Review
CRNT ios mobile application

The Approach

To help surfers cut down on research time, we designed a minimalist product that would highlight only the most important surf condition information. To make this information actionable and extremely relevant for them, we took advantage of the 450+ NOAA connected buoys surrounding North America to provide real-time swell, wind, tide and temperature updates.

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How We Did It

Growth & Product Strategy, App Store Optimization, Digital Marketing, User Research, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, API Integration, Branding, iOS Development, Android Development, Apple Watch Development and Feature Prioritization

CRNT Apple Watch application

User Experience & User Interface Design

With so much oceanic information available, we were lucky that the design team working on CRNT happened to be avid surfers themselves. This allowed them to truly design for the user and display the data in way to which other surfers would be receptive. Given that real-time data was the focus of the product, the team went beyond just displaying the key data in a user-friendly way, and incorporated visual cues through color to highlight the time of day.

iOS & Android Development

Although the Apple Watch had not yet been publicly released on the market, we knew the launch was coming and opportunities would exist to make CRNT more accessible. Knowing that, we developed CRNT for iOS to be compatible with the the Apple Watch, so surfers could take advantage of the real-time updates as they were heading out to the beach. By applying user and research insights, we were later able to develop more Watch features such as Glances and Complications to further enhance the minimal aspects of CRNT, as well as create an Android version of the app.

The simple, sleek user interface is designed to quickly and efficiently communicate data on swell, wind, tide and temperature.

Growth & Product Strategy

Since CRNT is a homegrown product, we had a vested interest in ensuring surfers were able to find and use the product we had built to simplify their research. We enlisted members of our Product Strategy team to execute ASO (App Store Optimization) and a host of other organic digital marketing tactics to make sure surfers could find CRNT—even if they weren’t seeking it out by name. To continuously improve upon the product by adding features our audience would love, the Product Strategy team also conducted user research and feature prioritization to help CRNT grow to where it is today.

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  • Android
  • api integration
  • apple watch
  • branding
  • growth & product strategy
  • iOS
  • user experience
  • user interface design

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