Service Design & Business Strategy

We apply human-centered design methodologies to solve complex business challenges, create social innovations and uncover new service opportunities.

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Service Design

What is Service Design?

Just as mobile apps and websites are designed, services are too. Services are made up of human, physical and technological touch points. Each encounter needs to be intentionally designed to drive both innovation and business objectives. From customers to employees, we help businesses innovate and inspire through thoughtfully-designed services.

The best services intentionally design every touchpoint—human, physical and technological.
Natasha Barrett, Service Designer
Service Design

Research & Positioning

Our team typically begins an engagement by conducting primary and secondary research. This research is then synthesized to form insights that are used to inform the business and service strategy.

Experience Audits & Strategy

Whether you want to design a service for your customers or your internal team, we will audit your existing efforts to bring forth a strategy that drives desired behaviors with your audience at every encounter. Our team goes beyond traditional demographics and market segmentation to incorporate empathy in recommended strategies

Service Design Workshop

Business & Service Innovation

Have an idea to disrupt an industry vertical or service offering? Our consultants can co-create with you to bring this to life by applying design-thinking methodology to ensure your business or service are efficient and effective.

Service Prototyping & Workshops

We are strong believers in testing before implementation. Our strategists use prototyping and workshops to simulate the touchpoints, evidence, and interactions it takes to pilot your service or business.  In addition to testing, through our workshops and training programs, we can teach your team fundamental design methods for continual use within your organization.

Our Process

Initial Problem:

It starts with the initial problem you’re seeking to define. We work with you to align on objectives and the problem at hand.


  • Discover: We dive into learning more about your customer, internal roles, and processes.
  • Define: Our team gathers findings to uncover actionable insights.

Re-framed Problem:

Together, we revisit the initial problem and connect it with our newfound understanding to formulate a compelling problem statement to guide our strategy.


  • Develop: Our team with work with you to generate., prototype, and test possible solutions.
  • Deliver: We will deliver a strategic plan and supporting artifacts to enable you to bring the vetted service or business to life.

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