Connected Device Integration & Development

We design & develop software and hardware for Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

Connected Device Integration & Development
Adding hardware to a project lets you break out of a screen and into the real world.
Brian Carrigan, Engineer

Connected Device Integration

Is integrating with a wearable like the FitBit or a wifi-enabled object something your project requires? Our team can help you select the best device to integrate with and work from start to finish on developing software that seamlessly connects the overall experience.

Firmware Service

Whether your project is a standalone device or a fully networked platform, we can support you in building firmware that is robust, effective, and secure. With our full-stack knowledge base that spans from a single transistor to the cloud, we can write code for your devices that works seamlessly with other parts of your application.

Connected Device Integration & Development

Hardware Prototyping

Before producing a new piece of hardware at scale, testing and feedback are crucial steps in our process. We take hardware design to the next level by prototyping to test viability and refining to ensure product goals are met.

Emerging Platforms

If you’re looking to develop a solution based on a newer technology, such as augmented reality or virtual reality, our team of engineers can work with you to research and vet which platforms hold the most potential for your objectives.

Our Process

We follow a lean, iterative process that turns big ideas into actionable steps and tangible products.


Together, we will determine objectives for the software and hardware integration so we can research and vet possible approaches.


Our team will blueprint and prototype your hardware and software system, from circuit board to assembly line preparation.


After creating prototypes, our developers validate these through iterative and thorough testing sprints.


At this point in the process, our team will support you in growing your product by consulting with trusted mass production vendors and partnering with you to develop an acquisition strategy.

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