Djarvis: The Intelligent Machine Artist

Machine learning in the background.


Hello, Djarvis!

The Hypothesis: Deep Q Learning can be used to drive conversions through subtle background shifts.

Djarvis: The Intelligent Machine Artist

This project started out with a simple question: can machine learning be used to generate art? Better yet, how about good looking art? Even better yet, can that good looking art actually impact how a user converts on a site? We’ll give Djarvis the position of the mouse, then see what art is produced by the users click path. We’ll see if our hypothesis of user-generated background art produces higher conversion rates.

Is it possible to make art with machine learning?

Keegan Brown, before Djarvis.

Show me the code!

Djarvis is an open source initiative by Smashing Boxes. You can check out the code on GitHub. You can also see it running in your browser, in the background of this post!

Experiments combining #machinelearning and #webgl @smashingboxes #sblabs

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See Djarvis Live

You may already be able to tell, but Djarvis is gettin’ it’s learn on in the background of this page, and a few others on the Smashing Boxes site. What if you want to see what Djarvis is up to, just by itself? Well, you can. Head over to Djarvis’ house, and check it out.

See Where Djarvis Lives

Working on a update…

Thinking about how to give Djarvis a little more flare. The color palette was a little one-dimensional, so I’m looking at updating the shaders to give a more robust color range. I’m also working on a HUD so you can see what Djarvis is doing under the hood.

Djarvis Next is almost here!

We’ve been working on a update to Djarvis for a while, and it’s almost ready. Head over to Djarvis Next to see what we’ve got cooking.

The next version of Djarvis is live.

The next version of Djarvis has launched! You can check out Djarvis in his native environment here. Or, if you’re in for a deeper dive on what Djarvis has going on under the hood, press Ctrl+Shift+H on this page to see the new heads up display.

Want to see what's happening right now? Shoot us a tweet and we'll show you.

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