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An Easy Way to Manual QA Your Product

  • Quality Assurance

If you are building your own product, here’s a “Cliff’s Notes” version of the QA process to help you get your product off the ground.

Here are 5 quick and easy tips for QA testing your own product:

  1. Does it meet your requirements?
    • Check that the product looks like the design specifications
    • View the product in all required web browsers and/or mobile devices
    • Ensure that the product meets your expectations
  2. Does the product work correctly?
    • Opening or downloading the product occurs with ease
    • Login (if applicable) works with associated permissions
    • All buttons and links work and navigate to where you’d expect them to
    • Any forms or fields can be filled out and submitted
    • Product does not seem to “lag” or “freeze”
  3. Do you see any bugs?
    • Check the use and functionality in all required browsers and mobile devices
    • Fill out forms with invalid information (i.e. leave a required field blank) and see if you can still submit it
    • Close and reopen the product and ensure consistency
  4. How does the product “feel?” How “usable” is it?
    • See that the product has a natural feel and flow
    • Check that all links and buttons seem intuitive as to what they do
    • Investigate any abnormal behavior
  5. How can this be built upon for further improvement?
    • Brainstorm ways the product could be enhanced in another development phase
    • Think about how the website or application would look and feel with more features

Of course, if you want professional QA — which we highly recommend — give us a shout about your project!

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