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Pro Tips for Surviving the Digital Health Product Lifecycle

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Two weeks ago, we co-hosted the 5th Annual mHealth@Duke Conference with the conference founders, the Duke Global Digital Health Science Center. Over 200 researchers, clinicians, and digital health innovators packed the Great Hall of Duke’s Trent Semans Center for Health Education. Attendees were treated to panel discussions, lightning talks, and expert presentations that covered all facets of the digital health product life cycle. Here are some key takeaways via Twitter, from some of the folks who were there.

Keynote Address

  • Presenter: Drew Schiller, CEO & Co-Founder, Validic

How do you make digital health solutions ubiquitous, and lower the barrier for patients to utilize their own data for better outcomes? In his inspiring keynote talk, Validic’s Drew Schiller said it’s all about making healthcare invisible to the people who use it.

Is your solution viable?

When determining the viability of a digital health solution, the real question is, is this thing going to thrive? Michael offered a simple matrix for answering this question.

Is your solution feasible?

You’ve determined that your product will be able to thrive, but will you be able to pull it off? In this moderated panel, our experts were asked to ponder important feasibility concerns when considering whether to implement a digital health solution.

Is your solution usable?

What sort of experience will the end user have with your solution? And how can you involve them early on to make sure they can use what you’ve developed? Our four presenters were each given roughly seven minutes to the usability principle important to them in digital health.

Designing your solution

Andy Hamilton, Director of Design, first

Prototyping was at the core of Andy’s talk on designing your solution. With a low fidelity prototype, you and your users can get their hands on your solution before you’ve already invested too much time and money to change course.

How do you evaluate your solution?

How do you measure the success of a digital health solution? In this round of 8-10 minute lightning talks, each presenter gave their own perspective based on their own background, experience, and role. From clinical to financial outcomes, engagement and behavioral outcomes, the four speakers demonstrated there are many dimensions to consider measuring to measure success.

How do you grow your solutions?

Who better to join a panel on product growth than two digital health investors and two co-founders of a successful digital health app? The main themes that arose were based on finding the right people: whether that’s the right market for your product, or strategic investor to help it grow.

Although this year’s mHealth@Duke Conference has come and gone, the ideas and inspiration live on. Check out the #mHealthAtDuke hashtag on Twitter for more highlights from conference participants and attendees.

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