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We’re going on a Service Safari!

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Service Safari | Smashing Boxes Blog

Have you ever thought about how the basic services you experience every day were designed? Like, why some restaurants have waiters and some do not. Why there are several ways to make a deposit into your bank account? How Disney World makes planning your next vacation so simple and seamless?

Like, why are the buttons in the elevator arranged like they are? Who decided how far apart the stripes in a crosswalk are? Why does the apple glow on the back of your laptop?

If this sounds like you, and you’re going to be in the New Orleans area next week, you are in luck.

On April 27, we’re hosting a fun, hands-on Service Safari through the streets of the French Quarter. We will employ some of the observational and ideation methods used by service designers to understand the city around us.

Learn by doing! During this two hour safari, we will apply some of the tools used by service designers to help make the services we use more functional, easy and desirable. This experiential field trip will help you better understand how services are designed from the perspective of how people use them.

The Smashing Boxes Service Safari is broken down into two components, roughly an hour each:

Field work: We will go out into the field (French Quarter) where we will apply observational methods as we encounter the various touchpoints that make up a particular service — the people, information, products and physical spaces. Be sure to bring a camera or your smart phone. We’ll be capturing and chronicling our experiences as we go along.

Workshop: Back from the field, we’ll convene (cool location TBD!), dive into addressing the design challenges we witnessed, and turn our observations into actionable insight to help guide strategy and design!

Space is extremely limited.

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