Nick Faber Natasha Barrett Jonathan O'Donnell | 01.24.17 | Insights

Practical Guide to Improving the Service Experience in Healthcare

  • service design

Today, we’re launching a brand new ebook, “Transforming Healthcare Services: Design Tools For Innovation”. It’s a comprehensive guide to apply service design to healthcare challenges. We’re excited to get it into the hands of researchers, innovators, and anyone else with a passion for creating better health-related experiences for people. Service designer Natasha Barrett and digital health strategist Jonathan O’Donnell, MD, wrote this guide to fill the chasm between the desire to serve people with empathy in healthcare, and the understanding of how to use the right tools and methods to implement change.


In the pages of this ebook, you’ll find tools and methods to design better healthcare services. We’ve filled out this guide with hand-picked case studies featuring GE Healthcare and Omada Health, as well as tips for making the most of it all.

Whether you are working individually or as part of a larger group or department, we have compiled thoughtful design inspiration and exercises that will send you on your way to:

  • Discovering true human experiences and challenges
  • Defining actionable opportunities and strategy
  • Developing holistic service concepts
  • Delivering solutions for ready for implementation

Download “Transforming Healthcare Services: Design Tools For Innovation” now and get started designing impactful service solutions for healthcare.

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