Who We Are

We are entrepreneurial thinkers, makers and doers. True to our name, we defy boundaries and convention. We challenge the status quo. Together, we smash boxes.

Leadership Team

Nick Jordan
Founder, CEO
Jean-Marc Couvillion
Rachael Pickering
Director of People Operations
Shannon Rentner
Director of Marketing
John Cole
Director of Engineering
Sarah Williams
Director of Project Management

Smashing Boxes Core Values

Be You
Authenticity, Empathy, Transparency

Accountability, Dedication, Passion

Push Limits
Flexibility, Ingenuity, Creativity

Stay Curious
Inquisitiveness, Evolving, Questioning

Seek Results
Investigative, Persistence, Solution-oriented

Our Team

Anna Broussard-Johnson
Anne Jordan
Wellness Coach
Ashley Williams
Sales Administrator
Bonnie Cook
Chris Baker
Software Engineer
Colin Di Meo
Software Engineer
Derek Clifton
Software Engineer
Derek Kniffin
Software Engineer
Edd Kerr
Software Engineer
Geoff Register
Software Engineer
Grady Knight
Software Engineer
Hannah Hudson
Software Engineer
Hannah Ziegler
Marketing Intern
Hayden Breedlove
Software Engineer
Isami McCowan
Marketing Intern
Kelsey Hanrahan
Project Manager
Ludwig Muench
Software Engineer
Matt Wood
Software Engineer
Neal Raval
Project Manager
Raleigh Felton
Todd Crown
Software Engineer
Victoria Bell
Project Manager

Careers at Smashing Boxes

Open Positions

We don’t just make great products, we help build great companies.

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